What we do for a living.

During the last couple of years, we have build up a lot of experience and worked on some nice projects. Below you can find a summary of a few of them.

Vlaamse Overheid - Agentschap Binnenlands Bestuur
Roughly translated as "Flemish Government - Agency of Domestic Administration", this part of the government is, amongst other things, in charge of organising all Belgian and European elections in Flanders (Belgium). Organising an election requires not only a lot of infrastructure and manpower, but also local coordination. Therefore the Agency of Domestic Administration chose us to take care of the IT support before, during and after the elections for all electronic election offices in the canton (region of) Bruges.
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Consolekabels.be aims to be the one stop shop for all your (retro-)gaming and computing needs. They mainly specialise in various accessories, and deliberately chose not to sell games or the consoles themselves. With an extensive online store and years of experience, it's hard not to find what you need for your console. Consolekabels.be partnered with us both for sales and technical support on various European gaming events.
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Known as one of the oldest, leading organisations defending family rights in Belgium, Gezinsbond chose to partner with us regionally to setup and manage their communication structure. Ranging from cloud server management, newsletter designing and social media optimisation, we help them with various day-to-day IT-tasks and support.
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Basin ChemEco
With a history dating back over 60 years, we had the difficult job of bringing their IT infrastructure into the 21st century as their first and only IT partner. During our time there, we managed to replace and renew the whole IT infrastructure. The goal was to provide the user with an environment that he/she was able to use from everywhere, both inside and outside the company. By setting up a remote desktop environment, surrounded by a complicated gateway and network, all users were able to leave the age of pen and paper behind and started to work in a modern, digital environment.
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Radio Benelux
As one of the larger local radiostations in Limburg (Belgium), Radio Benelux provides a wide variety of content to its listeners (both via FM and online streaming). Radio Benelux chose us, together with 2 other local companies, to manage and renew their IT infrastructure. Besides infrastructure management, we also provided support and education to their internal employees.
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Counting 7 different sites, over 1800 employees and their headquarters based in Aarschot, we managed their entire IT infrastructure, together with only 1 other colleague, for a little under 2 years. At the beginning each site had its own, separate infrastructure but, together with a hosting partner, we setup an interconnected network between all sites and migrated them to a hosted Citrix cloud.
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But that is not all...
Due to several reasons we are unable to list all of our accomplishments here. If you want to see a detailed overview of our past projects, please visit Wesley's personal LinkedIn profile. If you have an interesting opportunity for us and you want to learn more about us, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are certain that, one way or another, we will be able to work something out.